As a Liturgical artist, I want to live a life of faith connected to church and Christian community. This means being an active, daily art-maker, creating original Pastoral vestments, paraments, and sanctuary art that includes faith-community collaborations. I am interested in exploring art processes and Liturgical forms while maintaining the aesthetic of 'Christ-The Gospel as Beauty and Truth'.

Being a Liturgical artist-facilitator requires a commitment to the process of prayerful 'unfolding', informed by God's Word, the Holy Spirit and the gift of observant awareness and sensitivity to daily life and Christian worship. Also essential is a strong sense of clarity and continuity of visual worship elements across the seasonal Church calendar.

Modern forms of visual expression have great potential for service in Christian worship. Worship settings easily accommodate large-scale worship-art collaborations in a range of media, from standard paper, pencils, or oil pastels, to technology-related formats, like photography and media-screens.

Creating Art for Worship integrates art-making 'process' and art 'product' for all participants; what ensues is personal, faith-building experience and priceless enrichment of the corporate Body of Believers – this is true, living, God-pleasing worship and service in the fullest sense.