Welcome to Art for Worship!

Art for Worship is Liturgical Art, that is, a visual voice alongside The Word and music in Christian worship; it is physical form within worship space and time and it works to reveal the wholeness and holiness of The Gospel and the grace of God poured out for us.

The goal of Art for Worship art-making is to create with confidence and boldness in The Lord, sensitive to the leading of the Holy Spirit while utilizing the gifts of artistic skill and expression. 

The Art for Worship galleries share a portion of twenty years of original Christian visual faith-expressions from Advent through The Time of The Church, and include Pastoral vestments, paraments, hangings, and church-community collaborations.

Educational resources related to Art for Worship include the 'Bibliography'  and 'video' for reading and viewing related to art, faith, and worship.  

Questions or comments related to Art for Worship content, art workshops, or commissions are welcome!

Serving through Art for Worship,

Karen Godecke
Liturgical Artist-Facilitator